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Monday, January 02, 2006 Assignment ConstructMe. My name is John Harrington, and I've been making pictures for over 17 years in Washington DC and around the world. You can read my bio on my JohnHarrington.com website, to get the lowdown on me further.

Assignment ConstructI like this stuff. I like thinking, and re-thinking through my assignments, contemplating how I could have done it better. My clients have said a few nice things about the work I've done for them - if you'd like to read those, click here. We also talk with our interns after every shoot, and the content of this blog is what we talk about as a part of a pre-brief, or a de-brief.

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Welcome To The Construct

Sunday, January 01, 2006 Assignment ConstructThis business of photography is changing. Constantly. Yet, fundamental business principles remain the same, which, while I created Photo Business News & Forum for that, the idea for this blog was born from this blog entry -Anatomy of An Assignment: 3 Minutes and Counting. That entry got so many responses, both publically, as well as privately, that I thought it could be something done on a much grander scale. That blog entry has been updated to include the final cover of the magazine it was for, as shown in this blog entry - 3 Minutes & Counting.

Here at Assignment Construct, I am hoping to take the "Assignment" that was "Construct"-ed, and break it back down into it's parts. While it is said that the sum of the whole is greater than it's parts, here, knowing what the parts are (or were), may help you construct your own assignment at some point in the future, or tommorrow.

From Dictionary.com:

As·sign·ment [n. uh-sahyn-muhnt] - something assigned, as a particular task or duty

Con·struct - [n. kon-struhkt] - an image, idea, or theory, esp. a complex one formed from a number of simpler elements.
Thus, I'll be discussing "something assigned...formed from a number of simpler elements", and revealing those elements, from the concepts/objectives, to what we had to do before hand (whether nothing, get permits, or charter a helicopter), to what transpired on the assignment itself, to what we did after the assignment was over, and then, finally, a few closing thoughts about the assignment.

While over at Photo Business Forum I am all about exercising your left-brain stuff, here, it's a mix of the theoretical as well as creative, so your whole brain gets a workout. What's listed among these posts are assignments I've done, starting back in January of 2006, to present day. It's not all of them, because not every assignment is worthy of breaking down. Clients have come to me with their requests - their needs, and these images are representative of either what we produced, or the challenges we faced, or both.

Is how I approached, or completed an assignment perfect? No. We don't live in an ideal world. Each assignment is completed to it's best state, and my best efforts under the circumstances. Often, we have less than a minute to make an image, and there are no re-do's. Other times, we have all day, but the weather's not cooperating.

Would you have done it differently? Maybe, maybe not. Feel free to chat in the Flicker forums, and share your own assignment work, and de-construct it there. Self-assignments are ok, but it'd be better if they were actual, client-assigned images. We have a Flickr feed we're implementing to bring some of those to the fore of the blog, and it will be implemented once there's a critical mass of members of the Flickr forum.

I encourage you to sign up on the main page, and get updates and information, and set your RSS reader to pick up my entries. You'll get full feeds, of course, no short-changing here.

For the seasoned professional, there's always more to learn, and it is my hope that you pick up insights as to how to streamline or problem-solve an issue to operate better, more efficiently, safer, and, yes, with greater client satisfaction. For the aspiring photographer, you'll hopefully take away wholesale solutions and systems to help you start -- and then grow -- your assignment work so that you can get it right for the client the first time out. However, there may be postings that assume you have a level of knowledge that the working professional does. Ask questions in the comments section then!

This is the "Welcome To" page, and the front of the site is here: www.AssignmentConstruct.com.

Lastly, I expect to, from time to time, post non-Assignment posts, but none-the-less worthy blog entries, so I extend this disclaimer that you may see those, from time to time.

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