Rushin’ off to Baltimore!

Monday, February 27, 2006 Concept/Objective:

Assignment Construct
OPM call and conference. Overall room of people and screens in background.

CONCEPT/OBJECTIVE: Document a government conference taking place in a large convention center ballroom.

PRE-PRODUCTION: My assistant and I were just wrapping up a big morning shoot, when this last minute call came into the office. My Office Manager had called me telling me that I needed to be in Baltimore, an hour away, asap for this client. The vehicle was loaded with our lighting equipment, but once the signed paperwork came in for what ended up being four days’ worth of assignments, off to Baltimore we went.

THE ASSIGNMENT: This was an annual conference that the government held, and for some reason, someone had forgotten to book a photographer, which is not uncommon. My responsibility was to capture all of the major presentations, wide, as shown here, as well as close-ups of each of the dias speakers, and participants looking on.

POST-PRODUCTION: The client wanted multiple copies of the CD’s to deliver to all the stake-holders at the event, so during the post production process, it was easy to incorporate that request.

FINAL ANALYSIS: While this last minute assignment did create some turmoil and rescheduling for other office projects and obligations that essentially took me out of the office for the remainder of the week, I was happy to have the assignment none-the-less!


Posted by John Harrington on 02/27

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