On Hallowed Ground

Wednesday, October 17, 2007 Assignment ConstructThe call came in at 1:30 on a Friday, while I was gathered with several photographer friends at our local Pho restaurant, and the assignment was for the upcoming Sunday. Concept/Objective:

This client was an award-winning production company that wanted to make a signature image of two mothers who, on the same day - Mother’s Day - lost their sons in the war effort, and both were buried side by side, which is how the women met. The client was turning to me to produce the image of the real mothers, and they were also producing a television production that would tell their story.

Because I was working with two people, and two additional “people” elements, I wanted my 5’ Chimera softbox. Having that much surface to light, and to be beating down a backlit sun, I chose my 2400 w/s bi-tube head, as the objective was f11 at 250th.

Posted by John Harrington on 10/17
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