Vets on the Hill

Friday, November 16, 2007 Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructThe clients objective was to have images of the founder of an organization whos mission is to serve injured veterans, on Capitol Hill for images that would be used later in community outreach. It was explained to me that the client was a unique individual who was very gregarious.


Assignment ConstructBecause we had no power this assignment called for battery powered flash units and with two people in the picture a larger softbox would appropriately cover both subjects. We looked for an area which had natural shadeto reduce the ambient light on the subjects for better light to shaddow transitions. We also scheduled the assignment near the end of the day so the capitol dome was properly lit and not back lit as it would be in the morning.


Assignment ConstructWe arrived on location and met the client as well as one of the veterans he’s been instrumental in assisting. We wanted to do an energetic shot of the founder and a more staid image of the two of them together. We determined the ambient light and stopped down a stop and set our main light accordingly. We made a series of images of each of them individually and then made the images of them together. Throughout the assignment the founder proved to be full of energy and larger than life as expected.


We processed the images from RAW to DNG and then finally to JPEG, and posted them online for the client to review and download.

Final Analysis:

I don’t know that I was prepared for the degree to which this veteran had visible scaring, however I felt that my soft light flattered him as much as possible, diminishing (if even nominally) the appearance of the scars. In the end the client was happy, especially with the one shown here of him on one foot.

Posted by John Harrington on 11/16
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