Two CEO’s One Light One Capitol

Monday, May 22, 2006 Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructThis assignment was for a portrait of two CEO’s of two different latin-american radio companies. The client wanted the Capitol as a backdrop, so we planned accordingly.


Assignment ConstructWe chose the battery-powered lights, and the large softbox. We scouted the area before the subjects arrived, finding shadows to stage in, and gave the clients’ drivers our exact location.


When the subjects arrived, we positioned them where you see them in the staged picture area. A series of vertical and horizontal images of each seperately, as well as together, resulted in a wide collection of images that the client could choose from. All in, we were on site before the subjects for 45 minutes, and with the subjects there for about 15.


We processed the images from raw to JPEG, and uploaded them to an online gallery for their review and gave them download permission.

Final Analysis:

Assignment ConstructI was very pleased with the results. The clouds couldn’t have been bought if they had to be, and the blue sky was great. I was very happy with the final cover that the client chose!

Posted by John Harrington on 05/22
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