The Librarian’s Soiree

Friday, September 28, 2007 Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructThe objective was to cover the visit by the President to this annual gathering, prior to the annual Book Festival.


We brought lights, incase it was necessary, however, in years past, it was not. We cleared through three rings of security, before realizing that we didn’t need the equipment – better safe than sorry.


Assignment ConstructWe captured the activities on stage, including the grand entrance by the First Lady, however, our real responsibility was documenting the VIP’s with the President backstage. A light test beforehand, as a fill for the constant light source tungsten lights revealed a hot spot in the wood cabinet in the background, so we were happy to go without flash, as shown by the second test image as shown with the President.

Following that, the last image to make was the President and First Lady’s entrance down the grand staircase. If you’re off to the left just a little, the banister gets in your way visually, so shooting it dead-on straight is the best solution.
Assignment ConstructAssignment Construct


Delivery of double CD’s, and prints of all the guests with the President so they could be signed was what was called for, meaning the prints needed a signature border.

Final Analysis:

: I am always appreciative when a client places a request for a repeat performance for a high profile event such as this, because it is the ultimate expression of their trust in me – a burden I do not take lightly.Assignment ConstructAssignment ConstructAssignment Construct

Posted by John Harrington on 09/28
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