The Great Debate – Round 2

Thursday, September 27, 2007 Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructThe objective here was the same as the debate for the democrats from back in June, for the same client – capture everything that’s happening front of house, and behind the scenes.


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Assignment ConstructPre-production for this shoot, despite being in a different city, was the same, with conference calls before hand, as well as on-site walk throughs, to review camera positions, and no-go zones.


It certainly was easlier the second time around. The first time, we were working with this particular client for the first time, and the client was concerned that we might make a mistake, or not know what to do, so there was a fair amount of hand-wringing. This time around, they knew we could make things happen, and they let us do what we do best, without interference.


This time, we processed and delivered over fifty images to the client, allowing them to post them to their pressroom page of their website just as fast as last time.

Final Analysis:

Hopefully, with two “performances” under my belt for this client, it won’t be four more years before they call again. I did tell them that I can travel. One of the images at the bottom shows me, after about a 17 hour day, a bit dazed, but, as always, happy

Posted by John Harrington on 09/27
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