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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sometimes assignments are a subset of an overarching project. And sometimes, those assignments are self-assigned. This is just such a case.


Assignment ConstructWhile working on an assignment to cover this well known public figure’s recent book publication, and her appearance on a news radio program, the opportunity presented itself to make a nice portrait of the subject. It was my objective to do so. I took it as an opportunity to challenge myself, and my abilities to make a nice image.


Assignment ConstructLooking around, there were scant locations that worked as a background. There were white walls, metal walls, but this one worked well. I had my assistant stand in for a few test shots. The one benefit was a reflective ceiling and gray wall that would serve as a wonderful bounce point, creating - with enough flash power - a large softbox-type illumination source with soft transfer edges.


As the subject was transitioning from a holding area to another area of the building, I asked her to pause for a moment at the wall. She was gracious and happy to oblige, passing the few items she was carrying to someone nearby, and striking a wonderful smile. I had about six frames to work with, this one was the best, and frankly, I only wanted one.


Because of the potential for this image to have a life editorial image, other than some dodging and burning around the edges, there was no adjustment to the image.

Final Analysis:

I had seen my subject on television the previous few days, and the call for me came during another assignment on Capitol Hill, where my available equipment to transistion to this one - at the last minute - was my camera and strobe. When the opportunity presented itself, making the most of it by capturing a solid portrait was something I was glad I was able to do.

Posted by John Harrington on 10/24
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