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Monday, July 23, 2007 Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructThe objective was to capture the client with the Secretary of Education, during a panel on teachers and teaching at a corporate retreat. On hand was one of the top golfers in the country, who was using his name and time to improve education.


We didn’t know much about this assignment beforehand, as our client was not the organizer of the event, but rather one of the participants, so it was just “show up and photograph what’s happening.”


Assignment ConstructAssignment ConstructWhen we arrived, the light was fairly dim, and it was a poor environment for no-flash, so while we would rather have not used it, we didn’t have a choice. The panel was six people wide, and we wanted to get the Secretary with the golfer. One point to make here, is how important it is to get them looking into the photograph. One example I have is where both are looking to the left of the photograph, and it’s not as balanced as the one where they’re both looking inward.Assignment ConstructAssignment Construct

Assignment ConstructAssignment ConstructAnother issue was how the golf tee was set up. Observing that the Secretary was right-handed, in the first image where she’s putting with the golfer, rather than put her back to the audience (which is off the right of the frame in that photo), she positions herself putting towards them. They quickly realize that that won’t work, and change position to the other end of the green, where the secretary is right infront of me – just where I wanted her and expected she’d end up.

Lastly, the client was not the golfer, but rather, one of the other panelists, who didn’t come within 10 feet of the Secretary during the panel discussion. Afterwards, I made a point of asking them both to pose for a photograph, which ended up being the most important thing that the client wanted, but without us making it happen, it never would have.


There were no special requests for this assignment, just a standard CD delivery and shipment.

Final Analysis:

Sometimes it’s necessary to make things happen when it otherwise wouldn’t’.

Posted by John Harrington on 07/23
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