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Friday, February 15, 2008

On a regular basis we get called in to do a standard portrait series for senior management (and sometimes the entire staff) and this is how we do it.


Assignment Construct The objective is to always produce a well lit, flattering portrait of the subject where the subject is separated from the background and the lighting doesn’t take away from the person being photographed.


We arrived on site and tried to locate the best conference room in the clients suite to producce the protraits. Often times we have very little space to work but unless it’s a closet we can pretty much make any space work (even a closet can have it’s advantages). This location ended up being in one section of a subjects office rather than in a conference room.


Assignment Construct Once we were set up, each of the individuals stepped into the portable studio setup where we made some final adjustments to hair and wardrobe before making a series of images with slight variations of angle, zoom and perspective.


Following each image, the subject photographed was able to review the images produced and select their preferred choice and make any retouching requests of us for that image. The client in the end received a CD with finnished files ready for publication.

Final Analysis:

While this is a fairly straightforward portrait, I’ve seen many a corporate protrait (produced by other photographers) made in a distracting way and have realized that when it comes to consistly shooting it simple, sometimes a non-attentive photographer can miss the mark.


Posted by John Harrington on 02/15
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