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Wednesday, January 04, 2006 Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructThe objective was to cover, as a news photojournalist, a press conference, as it took place, without knowing exactly what/when events during the press conference would transpire.


There were several challenges. First, are the teleprompter panes - the angled glass that appears to the left and right of the podium, used by presenters where specific language and lengthy statements are being made. Further, the background, which showed the client’s logo, was a projected logo, and had reflection concerns. Further, we were travelling to Las Vegas from DC, something we travel often to do.


The assignment was simple - capture the news conference, where the client would announce a subscriber milestone, and further, would announce a major new product that utlized their service. When, exactly, the product would be revealed, and the few seconds that it would be upheld, would not be known, so chosing the spot where to capture the product being held, as well as ensuring no obstructions of the product and the announcement of subsciber goals, was a challenge, and avoiding the severe reflections of a straight-on podium sign - that’s black to book - was also front of mind.


Immediately following the event, we had to review the images, and we had three of the “hero” shot combining the product itself and the subscriber announcement visual. Preparation of a caption, and review by the client for accuracy, as well as having the capability to deliver the image from a portable digital workstation from the show floor of the Consumer Electronics Show at the Convention Center.

Final Analysis:

The client was very pleased with the selection of images - not just the one that moved, but others as well. In addition, the client recieved major play in the news media from this image - thus, a successful event!

Posted by John Harrington on 01/04
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