LL dresses in The Finest!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructFor this assignment, the objective was to capture LL Cool J’s second on-air visit. I had previously made a similar image the first time, but on this visit, he was wearing much more casual clothes, and his visit today was, in part, to promote a new CD as well as his new clothing line.



Making sure that the studio was properly dressed with signage, logos, and so forth was necessary. Further, reserving my position (seen from this photo) so that members of the guest’s entourage did not take that spot, or come between the camera and subject, was important. Further, making sure that the bottled water that is ubiquitous did not have the label prominent.


When LL arrived, he was whisked into the studio,  and the interview began. It was necessary to use our Jacobsen Blimp, as this was an on-air interview. However, there’s no accommodation for a flash hotshoe, so that had to be wired out of the soundproof box to make it useful. I had to wait until the on-air talent asked him a question that got a good reaction, and further, that included a gesture. This happened a total of three times, and waiting for just the right one meant camera-to-face the whole time, but it was worth it.


This image needed to be turned around immediately for the company’s PR department to be able to send it out to garner publicity, meaning we had to have our digital workstation on hand to review images, prepare and have an approved caption done, and then send it out via e-mail.

Final Analysis:

The client was happy, as was I. The critical challenge for me, was I was competing against myself for a photo that was as least as good as the previous visit, if not better. Honestly, this is as good as, but not better than that.

Posted by John Harrington on 02/15
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