Little Russ and JC

Monday, March 06, 2006 Concept/Objective:

Assignment Construct
portrait of Carville and Russert, last minute on camera flash, etc.

CONCEPT/OBJECTIVE: This show was the premiere of young Russert and the highly respected James Carville, a politial consultant. Both were disucssing sports on-air instead of politics, and it was my responsibility to produce a portrait of them both that would be flattering, and reveal each of their characters and styles.

PRE-PRODUCTION:We are very familiar with the location, having done photography in these studios hundreds of times. Rather than a standard “in studio” shot, we consulted with the client, and chose a location that was different from the others we had done for the client. We notified the building operations department that we would need dedicated power to our location. We set up, and awaited the subject’s arrival.

THE ASSIGNMENT: Despite being responsible for producing the official portrait of the subjects, they had many people pulling them in different locations. They arrived on set, opting to not have makeup done, and in very casual “radio” attire. We were given just a few minutes before they had to be somewhere else for another obligation. 

POST-PRODUCTION: Some light tonal changes to bring forward the subjects, and a slight darkening of the background further draws the eye to the subjects.

FINAL ANALYSIS: It’s always a challenge to produce on deadline. Every detail must be pre-set so that we have the maximum amount of time to devote making images of the subject. This image, and others ended up in several news outlets promoting the show’s launch.


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