Java-House Portrait

Thursday, November 09, 2006 Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructThe objective was a portrait of an author of a well known blog on Philanthropy.


In talking to the editor, we determined the the subject did the majority of his blogging from a coffee house nearby.


Assignment ConstructArriving on site, it was overcast, and the place was empty. Fortunately, we had enough power to bring a power line outside, because there was nothing inside worth seeing – in fact, no seats at all. As luck would have it, we had one other patron turn up, and sit in the background. Normally, this would be a distraction, bue I liked it, as it added a little depth to the image. We did tell her she’d be in the background of the photo, and hoped she wouldn’t move. Thanksfully, she didn’t. A single softbox with a close match to ambient, just softened the light on the subject. Incorporating the laptop into posed and action images was what we could do to have him “in his element.”


We processed the images normally, and posted them online for the client to review and download.

Final Analysis:

Some assignments are just straightforward – this was one of them. While I might have liked to make a more dramatic portrait, for whatever reason, the scene just didn’t lend itself to that.

Posted by John Harrington on 11/09
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