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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Here's a video segment on the Hensel Vela Main Kit that we use. A transcription of the video is available after the jump.

Hi, I’m John Harrington and we’re going to break out and break down the wide variety of equipment we use to deliver images to our clients. Next we are going to show you one of the equipment kits we use when we are traveling on assignment. Each kit is different and has a very specific purpose. So lets take a look.

This case is one of our primary workhorse cases; it goes practically everywhere we go.  In the case, we have three Velas 1500 watt /second packs.  We have a little bit of gaffer’s tape.  We have five heads.
Each of the heads is individually labeled with a number, and our contact information if God forbid a heads get left somewhere.  Three power cords, several reflectors, and an extension cord.  If we need to go beyond where this extension cord will get us, we actually take separate cord kits that are individually packed sets of power cords and extension cords and power strips. 

This kit is spec’d out so that it weighs one hundred pounds and no more.  One of the nice things about this is what we also do in addition is we label the front of it on a white piece of tape the actual dimensions of it and we’ll write on there what the weight is we are working with.  So that the airline person does not come out after the fact and say to us that this is too big or this weighs too much.
So let’s look at each one of these Vela packs.  One of the things that I really like about the Velas is that you can put three heads in it.  Each one of these heads is plugged into the pack, and then is adjustable in tenth of a stop increments.  From anywhere within the 500 watts/seconds to 125 watt/second range, all the way up to 1500. 

Because these are 3000 watt/second heads, they’re interchangeable at all of those power settings.  So we have three of these, all identical.  If one of our packs was to go down, not a problem, we can actually go and use one of the packs or put more than one head on a pack if we have to.  That’s the value of redundancy in these packs
Each one of these heads is an EHT-3000 head, which means it’s a 3000 watt/second head.  We put our contact information on it.  From all sides, when you’re looking at the head, you can tell which head you have.  And you can make individual adjustments, because we’ve labeled it also with this label at the other end of the cord so that when you’re at the pack you know which one you’re adjusting.  So when you’re looking at the head, you know that this is head 7, and this is the power for head 7.  When you make an adjustment on the pack to adjust the power of the head, you know which head you are adjusting. 

One of the nice things about the Versa-Flex cases is they have these handles on the top, to allow you to lift the whole case up yourself.  In addition, they have handles on either end.  These handles allow two people to carry the pack, rather than just one.  You can, of course, carry it from the top as well from these bars.  One of the other really nice things, if you look here on the Hensel is this little pouch right here.  This little pouch carries the wheels and the wheel bar that this pack rolls on. 

This Versa-Flex case is really well thought out, from the handles on the top and on the sides to the wheel bar, which we can actually insert wheels into the bottom.  A wheel on either side and they screw together.  So the wheels will spin on the cases.  What’s great about it is if you’re going through an airport and one person is on this case, it’s not a problem to do because of these wheels.  But the great thing about it is that these wheels will come off, come apart, and they go into the pouch on the front of the pack. So you aren’t breaking these wheels off when you’re traveling.

Below the video is a link to each of the segments, Let me know what you think!

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What We Use
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