Hamilton Baker Report - Behind The Scenes, Day 2

Thursday, December 07, 2006 Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructI was hired by the client to document all the goings-on during the interviews of the report co-chairs.


We were covering reporters at work, and so we needed to be deferential to their needs first.


Covering light moments, such as when Baker and Hamilton had a good laugh about a cover story, interviews by Katie Couric of Justive O’Conner, as well as headed press conference round-robins meant we were busy all day.


We were doing behind-the-scenes work, so there was no immediate turnaround need.

Final Analysis:

It was nice to be a a fly-on-the-wall during this assignment, seeing how the coverage was taking place, and taking shape.Assignment Construct
Assignment Construct
Assignment Construct
Assignment Construct

Posted by John Harrington on 12/07
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