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Monday, February 20, 2006 Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructEach year, across the country, paramedics save lives, and when those saves are remarkable, for one reason or another, their company nominates them to be a part of a trip to Washington to meet with their members of congress, to share their stories. The objective for this picture was to create a lasting memento of all those that came, from across the country.


As this is an assignment I have done annually, I am familiar with the details leading up to the assignment. However, issues such as permits, and so forth, must be handled. Also ensuring that the group lines up prior to stepping onto the steps, by height, is critical.


This shoot typically takes less than 15 minutes to accomplish, organized properly. As the subjects disembarked off the bus, they were instructed to line up tallest to shortest, just out of camera position.  One by one, they are lead to the top of the steps, and, skipping a step in-between rows, lined up. Details like “hands behind” and “no sunglasses” makes for a uniform and attractive portrait.


The client, each year, hands out just over 100 10”x20” prints at a dinner the evening this picture was taken, so we must immediately begin the process of making what amounts to a 10” x 167 foot print, in just a few hours time. The logistics of this must be closely monitored to ensure that the time commitment is made.

Final Analysis:

Each year, we are excited to see this client return. And, since they do, we know that they’re happy. To date, we’ve not had a rainy day, and because of the time of day that this photo is taken, an overcast day is preferable to sunny, as the sun would be just above the tip of the Capitol, with the subjects backlit, meaning more work to handle the dome and sky issues that would arise.

Posted by John Harrington on 02/20
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