G-Man In The Building

Saturday, September 29, 2007 Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructThe objective was to document the visit by G Gordon Liddy to the client’s studios, getting both posed and in action images.


The light in the studio is deceptive, because it doesn’t look all that tungsten, yet it is. Making sure that there were client mic flags on the microphones was critical.


Once the guest arrived, and sat down, we made a few frames, and the subject was happy to be photographed. A few test images without the tungsten gel on the strobe yielded the expected result – too warm in the background, so back on went the gel. While the TV’s were daylight, still, they looked fine with the added blue to balance everything.


We had to deliver several images same day, so e-mails were sent, as requested.

Final Analysis:

I wish I had had more than a dozen frames to choose from, but, in the end, that’s all we could get before the broadcast went live.Assignment ConstructAssignment Construct

Posted by John Harrington on 09/29
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