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Wednesday, September 26, 2007 Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructThe objective was to document the first flights out of my local airport of a new airline with routes from DC back to San Francisco, where the company is based. I needed to document the check in process as well as the aircraft, and ribbon cutting ceremony.


I knew I had to get through security, and also be on hand for the first passengers checking in. I looked around to determine which angle would give me the best perspective with agent, passenger, and client logo.


The challenge was keeping other people from blocking the client’s logo, which happened often. Further, when the agent was working, they most frequently were looking down at the screen, meaning there were few times when they were looking up and smiling.

Once out at the gate, the CEO made some remarks over the PA, and flash fill was a requirement, as shown. Further, for ribbon cutting ceremonies, there’s always just a split second to catch the cut, and timing is critical. Fortunately, I’ve done enough to know just when to pull the trigger.

We also went out on the tarmac to catch the employees bidding the flight adieu. I like the one more from the backs of their heads, as I think it’s just a cleaner shot.


From the gate area, we reviewed the images, selected three, and drafted a caption to send out to the news media, as we were the only press allowed out to the gate.

Final Analysis:

: I was so impressed with the airline, I am already booked on it for a flight to San Francisco in November, and I was pleased to get images that the client was happy with.Assignment ConstructAssignment ConstructAssignment ConstructAssignment ConstructAssignment ConstructAssignment ConstructAssignment Construct

Posted by John Harrington on 09/26
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