Cookies & Cream?

Monday, July 02, 2007 Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructThe client was launching a new snack food, and they wanted to get people’s attention, so they made a 20+ foot mockup of the snack food, and brought it to Washington DC to get people to try it. While we were making images of the average joe and jane enjoying it, the company was also celebrating it’s 95th anniversary, so there was a candle-lighting ceremony as well. Lastly, they were filming video for a VNR that was going out as well.


We discussed with the client the logistics of the location, and confirmed they had a permit, because some clients opt not to go that route.  We discussed how the event would unfold, and what the client’s expectations were for a soft-news event like this.


Assignment ConstructArriving on site, we were there and passersby were just not interested in being there. The energetic client staff did a great job of rounding up people to watch as the candle was lit, and to give the snack a try. One of the challenges was that when the snack food character would hug someone, it just didn’t look natural, so we focused instead on when they were interacting – shaking hands, looking at one another, and so forth. For the lighting ceremony, we got on a large ladder that the client had, to get a nice overall.Assignment ConstructAssignment Construct


We made the image available to the wire services, but it just looked too commercial, and they opted not to move anything. Sometimes, that’s the way it cuts.

Final Analysis:

Fortunately, the client had low expectations of media penetration, as it was an opportunity to get some internal images and video they could use at a later date.

Posted by John Harrington on 07/02
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