Beauty and A Few Beasts

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructThe objectives for this assignment was to produce a hand-out photo of this celebrity with rescue dogs, to promote the launch of this dog food manufacturers’ efforts to help rescue dogs.


Assignment ConstructDiscussions beforehand about where would be the best place to make the images took place, seperate from the press conference that took place later that day. We settled on this location, given the time of day, and ability to control the backdrop.


The subject, and the dogs with their handlers showed up, and we had about 10 minutes to make the image happen. We had a great shot after the second take, and did two more, just for safety. The dogs’ handlers were just out of camera on the right, making sure the dogs were easy to work with.


Our subject reviewed the images, on site, approving the one which she liked the most, and we processed the image. Within an hour, we were at the Press Club where the press conference took place, she in a different outfit, and the image already out to the news media.

Final Analysis:

The challenge of producing an image on the fly is always one I relish. When everything is buttoned down, it’s almost always a breeze, but being able to work on the fly, being very flexible, and applying a bit of guerilla photography to the assignment is always a lot of fun.

Posted by John Harrington on 05/10
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