Backstage in Las Vegas with Cal & a Snake

Friday, January 06, 2006

Some parings defy logic. Surely, the one from yesterday was unusual, but this one is as well!


Assignment ConstructThe objective, part of an ongoing project to document the backstage activities at the client’s CES booth, meant demonstrating the broad programming reach that the client’s service has.


The room was, as previously stated, small. Further, as you can see here, it has no cieling, and also, mercury-vapor lights blaring in caused a lighting color shift. On camera strobe was necessary to make this it’s best. Further, the room often filled with handlers and such.


The assignment was to document who was in the backstage room, as well as their appearances on stage, Here, Ripkin and David Coverdale from the band Whitesnake greet each other. Each person who came either was performing, or participating in a talk radio interview, so covering on-stage activities as well as what happened backstage was a balancing act.


Images from each day, approximately every hour or two, were reviewed, captioned, and sent out via the on-site digital workstation, made available to media around the world.

Final Analysis:

Images from this day, this backstage paring, made it out into major press outlets, much to the client’s satisfaction

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