A Night at the Mellon

Thursday, September 20, 2007 Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructThe objective was to photograph the reception and on-stage awards presentations for this client at the Mellon Auditorium.


This particular room, at the Mellon Auditorium, has very high ceilings, and tungsten light, so no bounce, tungsten gels and a long shutter was the order of the day.


Assignment ConstructOne of the things I try to do all the time is ask guests to place their drinks behind the people they are next to. Most comply, some just lower the drinks, as two of the people in these photos has done. It makes such a difference when people put them behind the backs of the others, because, otherwise, the photos look like a bunch of people partying. It makes sense that so many fraternities/sororities have a “no cups in photos” policy. As the party was supposed to end, and the dinner begin, no one could figure out how to announce this to the guests, as the vip room had no sound system. I quickly headed to the lightswitch, as they were trying to walk around and convince people to leave the room, yet, my flickering the lights did the trick, and people moved into the dining room. Assignment Construct

Onstage, it’s necessary to get the paused eyes-forward look, and after two quick frames, I always say “thank you, we’ve got that”, and then put the camera up to my eye again to catch a much more candid image that always plays better in publication than something posed.Assignment ConstructAssignment Construct


We delivered a CD, and nothing otherwise special about the post.

Final Analysis:

I really enjoyed the lighting of this splace. The back wall is not pipe-and-drape, and looks great when it’s washed with clolor light.

Posted by John Harrington on 09/20
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