A (Laughing) Full House

Saturday, August 18, 2007 Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructThe objective was to capture the guest, a well known comedian, being interviewed, along with the client’s logo/signage.


Knowing that it was being taped, using a blimp was critical, especially since there would be no music to step over my shutter noise.  I scouted the locations to shoot from, as this was different studio configuration than the normal setup.


As you can see from these images, I had one angle to capture the client’s logo with the guest. Yet,  most of the time he was facing the wrong way. It wasn’t until he began engaging the guests that he turned towards the logo, and then, fewer opportunities when he gestured. Assignment ConstructAssignment ConstructAssignment Construct


Several images needed to be sent out to trade publications and online needs, which we did.

Final Analysis:

We haven’t done a lot of comedians, to date, but I look forward to more in the future!

Posted by John Harrington on 08/18
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