A Few Gold Records For A Portrait

Thursday, November 16, 2006 Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructThe objective was a fairly fast and loose portrait of an executive for a client. We didn’t need to do anything especially elaborate.



We did a little moving around, but it was a small office, and so we opted to just bounce off the ceiling/wall.


We arrived, and as you can see from the wider image, we had a very busy person’s office to work in.  We set up one strobe, and focused on the subject, and used the back wall as an interesting backdrop, avoiding altogether the desk, which we couldn’t clean.


Same day delivery of the selects was necessary, followed up with a CD.

Final Analysis:

Assignment ConstructI’ve known the subject for many years, and this was my first portrait of him. It was really my pleasure to make the photo, and I think the closeness of him, lens choice and so forth captures his jovial nature.

Posted by John Harrington on 11/16
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