700 People On the Steps On A Sunday

Sunday, July 22, 2007 Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructThe call came in to do a group portrait of 700 people on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, as well as 50 different group photos of people with the organizations’ founder.


Assignment ConstructWe discussed the assignment before hand. The client had already secured the permit necessary. Arriving an hour before the masses, we laid out three people across the steps that would serve as far left and far right, and center positions. As the students came over, they were directed into pre-positioned places, single file, by height. Signs printed with heights, in 6 inch increments made it easy to get them in place efficiently.Assignment Construct


With the students in line, we brought them in, single file, heading to the top first, then filling out left and right,  skipping a step inbetween so that everyone’s heads will be visible in an 8x10. Once they were all in place, all the staff, in orange shirts, lined up around them, with the client’s organization banner being held by the first row.
Following that, each of the fifty groups were to be photographed with the founder. From one person, to 20, we found a shaded position so that no one was squinting, and filled them with the flash. Here’s an example of the flash/no-flash as it worked.
Assignment ConstructAssignment Construct


At the end of the assignment, the client asked if we could send them over several images, as they wanted to get the images out to the news media. Then,, it became that they wanted all the images of each of the 50 groups, which I noted would be cost-prohobitive via e-mail, but they should just rush the entire CD. Weighing the costs, they opted not for same day delivery, but rather, next day delivery, which we did.

Final Analysis:

I hadn’t expected the rush request, and was thankful that they ended up opting for next day, as I had other family commitments that day that I didn’t want to break. In the end though, if that’s what was called for, that’s what I would have done.

Posted by John Harrington on 07/22
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