I Heart Huckabee

Wednesday, October 31, 2007 Sometimes, you have to take advantage of someone's last name when it plays so well! Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructI as looking to make a nice portrait of presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. I was with him at a town hall stop, and wanted to make a nice portrait of him.

Posted by John Harrington on 10/31
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Spy Games Portrait

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 Sometimes assignments are a subset of an overarching project. And sometimes, those assignments are self-assigned. This is just such a case. Concept/Objective:

Assignment ConstructWhile working on an assignment to cover this well known public figure’s recent book publication, and her appearance on a news radio program, the opportunity presented itself to make a nice portrait of the subject. It was my objective to do so. I took it as an opportunity to challenge myself, and my abilities to make a nice image.

Posted by John Harrington on 10/24
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Welcome To The Construct

Wednesday, October 17, 2007 I've launced another blog AssignmentConstruct - this time, it's a breakdown of assignments - lighting details, concepts and objectives, and everything that went into the shoot. There's assignments that have been back-filled going back to January of 2006, with over a hundred already online, and more to come, both in the future, as well as past.

To find out more about the blog, check this - AssignmentConstruct.com:

Below are 10 varied postings:

On Hallowed Ground

Assignment ConstructThe call came in at 1:30 on a Friday, while I was gathered with several photographer friends at our local Pho restaurant, and the assignment was for the upcoming Sunday. Concept/Objective:

This client was an award-winning production company that wanted to make a signature image of two mothers who, on the same day - Mother’s Day - lost their sons in the war effort, and both were buried side by side, which is how the women met. The client was turning to me to produce the image of the real mothers, and they were also producing a television production that would tell their story.

Because I was working with two people, and two additional “people” elements, I wanted my 5’ Chimera softbox. Having that much surface to light, and to be beating down a backlit sun, I chose my 2400 w/s bi-tube head, as the objective was f11 at 250th.

Posted by John Harrington on 10/17
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Don’t Get Shot!

Monday, October 08, 2007 Concept/Objective:

Assignment Construct The objective was to illustrate the safety and benefits of getting s little spray in one’s nostril as opposed to being jammed in the arm with a needle. Our young subjects were to be happy as they received their vaccine.

Posted by John Harrington on 10/08
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